DOT Physicals

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  • Direct Company Billing
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Ergonomic Consultations
  • Flu Shots & Other Vaccinations
  • Health Promotion Programs
  • Hearing Conservation Programs & Audiometric Testing
  • Mobile Unit
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Physicals
  • Respiratory Protection Programs
  • Venous Blood Sampling
  • Wellness Screenings

Calendar of Events

  • Apr.
    Firefighter Physicals at East Meredith Fire Department with Pindars Corners FD, Davenport FD and Meridale FD.
  • Apr.
    Firefighter Physicals at Franklin FD with Treadwell FD
  • May.
    Firefighter Physicals at Cherry Valley FD with Springfield FD
  • May.
    HealthWorks Clinic
  • May.
    Glimmerglass Opera Physicals
  • May.
    Firefighter Physicals at Wells Bridge FD with Unadilla FD
  • May.
    Glimmerglass Opera Physicals
  • May.
    Firefighter Physicals at Manlius FD with Fayetteville and Minoa FD
  • May.
    HealthWorks Clinic
  • May.
    Glimmerglass Opera Physicals
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We were amazed by the way they arrived and set up and how quickly and organized it went. The staff was extremely pleasant and professional..." S.D.—Asst. Chief

We were very impressed with how professional, friendly, and well organized your staff was at our fire station."

Your organization can be proud of your timely and efficient technique that allows all of us to get in and out in such a precise manner. It continues to be a pleasure to do business with your organization."

I was flagged at a recent firefighter physical for high blood pressure. Although I was already in pretty good shape, for the next two months I doubled my daily exercise and discovered that simply being physically fit doesn't outweigh the risk factors of age and genetics. My doctor has put me on a daily medication, and my blood pressure is on the way down. Thank you."

Just thought you would all like to know this: I was mad as heck about getting bad test results at a past firefighter screening. I quit smoking that very day, and I owe it to the HealthWorks folks at that screening."