Latest News: Meet Our New Medical Director

Meet Our New Medical Director

August 26, 2020

Healthworks introduces our new Medical Director, Dr. Brian Quinn, with a Q&A-style interview. 


Q. Tell us about your background.

A. I earned my medical degree from Columbia University in 1984 and immediately took my first paying medical job as an intern at Bassett Hospital. After completing two years at Bassett, I began working in emergency medicine, first in Cortland, NY, and then at several hospitals in the Boston area. While in Boston, I completed a Master of Public Health degree, followed by a one-year practicum training in occupational medicine. I continued to work in both occupational and emergency medicine, but in recent years have transitioned to almost entirely occupational medicine, serving as medical director of occupational medicine and urgent care at Berkshire Health Systems in Pittsfield, MA.

Q. What is Occupational Medicine and what draws you to it?

A. Occupational medicine is a branch of preventive medicine. The goal is to prevent medical conditions before they develop or to stop the development early on. It can be seen as the polar opposite of emergency medicine, which deals with the acute problem as it occurs. Maybe that contrast is what attracted me to the two fields, like a yin and yang. With prevention, the results are not immediately seen, or may only be seen when one looks at the statistics. Its subtle, no drama, but prevention is hugely important.


Q. What are you excited about in working with HealthWorks?

A. I've found that HealthWorks enjoys a great reputation. One of my coworkers in the Sidney emergency department also volunteers as a firefighter. About 5 years ago they started using Healthworks for their annual firefighter physicals, and she described it as the best move they ever made. The process was professional and efficient, and she particularly liked that the team would come to a location convenient for them. So I'm excited to become part of this team.


Q. What are your hobbies?

A. I have a 16-year-old child, so my main hobby is trying to maintain my sanity. I do enjoy biking and paddle-boarding. On some weekends, I play the mandolin with a bluegrass band in the Saratoga area.


Q. Fun fact about you?

A. When I was an intern at Bassett, I used to go to the Hall of Fame each morning during baseball season to see the scores that they had posted from last night's games. This was, of course, well before the internet.


Q. Any connection to rural culture?

A. I am from suburban Long Island. I did spend a few years in this area, and I own a book entitled " A Field Guide to Cows."


Q. Plans for continuing the Occupational Clinic at Bassett?

A. The plan is to very definitely continue it. Right now we are determining  where that will take place. But it will take place!


Latest News: Keeping Our Essential Workers Safe

Keeping Our Essential Workers Safe

June 1, 2020

Within the first two months of the coronavirus pandemic, HealthWorks' professional fit-test team conducted more than 1300 respirator fit tests for medical personnel and 63 fit tests for corrections personnel. The process included respirator fit-testing, user training and medical exams.

At the same time, our Industrial Hygienist Margrethe Hoff (center left) dove into a project to reduce exposure for the COVID-19 "swabbers" (diagnostic testers) by exploring new respirator options. Hoff developed new protocols as she identified "known" respirators that could be used in new settings, such as elastometric half-face North 7700s in healthcare settings--a first for our hospital affiliate, Bassett Healthcare Network.


Latest News: Our Very Own Heroes

Our Very Own Heroes

April 7, 2017

NYCAMH/HealthWorks staff members John Vanderwerken, Agricultural Safety Educator & CPR Instructor, and Rebecca Russell, National ROPS Rebate Program Hotline Coordinator, were in the right place at the right time at a Summer 2017 Delaware County Farm Field Event. There to provide safety education and information, and health screening services, John and Becky were called into action when a fellow vendor suddenly collapsed. Their quick action, in collaboration with other on-site safety personnel, in providing chest compressions and controlling the scene, were instrumental in saving the man's life. For their quick action, they've been honored with the August 2017 Bassett Heroes Award. Congratulations, John & Becky!